New Isle of Man Swimming Facebook Groups Up and Running

Isle of Man Swimming has created two new Facebook groups, which will replace the original Isle of Man Swimming Club Facebook page. The Facebook groups are an important communication tool for IOMSA and IOMSC enabling notices and messages to be distributed efficiently and to appropriate people, allowing documents to be uploaded as well as providing privacy controls, particularly for the closed group.

The first is IOM Swim Squad, a closed group restricted to squad swimmers, their parents, squad coaches and people directly involved with squad and an important tool for communication.

The second is Isle of Man Swimming, an open group and the public face of IOMSC, for those who simply want to keep up to date with news, competition reports and general information about the Club's activities.

Please note that if you are an Isle of Man swimmer or parent of an Isle of Man swimmer you need only join "Isle of Man Swimmers", the closed group, as anything posted to "Isle of Man Swimming" will be shared to Isle of Man Swimmers (but not the other way around).

The old Isle of Man Swimming Club page will be shut down in the next few days. Please ensure that you have joined the new groups in order to keep up with the latest news and information.